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I research so you don't have to ...


Your valuable time is best spent on what you do best ... on your core business. 


I can find the information you need to support the success of that core business. 


I did not acquire a degree in the arts without  a huge amount of research and the presentation of that material to suit a client Ė the lecturer!  This skill I bring to you, being able to find the information to suit your needs within your time frame. 


I am a professionally qualified librarian, so search on behalf of customers is my profession and I have been  known, in my various positions, as someone who keeps at it until the client has what they want.  The client interview is my specialty. I will be as quick and as sharp and as accurate as you need me to be.  And because of this client orientation and my background, I bring added value firstly in quickly identifying your needs, and clarifying if need be; and secondly in analysis and presentation of the data so that you donít waste time sifting through my findings.


" Thanks or all the work you do, so quietly, so diligently, so creatively and so enthusiastically"

-- Terrie, Australia


I live in Australia, so it maybe that your assignment will be a remote assignment.  Let me reassure you that I have spent the last 5 years in various management roles at an international level for POWERtalk International, and I have learnt by training and experience to communicate effectively by email. 


"Your work and approach show great enthusiasm, dedication, research, creativity , clear suggestions, everything well explained."

-- Rachael, past Australian Region President, Powertalk International


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