Practice and Mnemonics

Constant practice makes a big difference for memorization improvement purposes. You must assure yourself that there is going to be an improvement with your memory. But in the event of forgetting pieces of something you’ve already worked on, memorization tools always come in handy.

An effective memorization tool is called mnemonics. It is a way of remembering a group of information by breaking each of them down into sub-groups, rhymes, stories, or location. One of the many effective mnemonic methods is called the Link system. The link system is great for remembering a list or group of objects by associating or “linking” the items in the list to one another.

For example, pretend you need to keep in mind the list below which consists of your diet meal for the day.

Apple, broccoli sprouts, rice cake, almonds and a glass of fresh orange juice

Your link approach should go something like:

Think of a red apple bouncing on top of broccoli sprouts. The broccoli sprouts, tired of playing with the apple, runs to hide behind a giant sleeping rice cake. The rice cake, startled by the sprouts behind it, gets up irritated and hurls the scattered almonds nearby at the broccoli sprouts. A pitcher of orange juice nearby got hit by an almond and seeing the food fight happening, it then flooded the area with its juices ending the mishap.

The scenario you create doesn’t have to be very complicated. Just fill it with movement, colors, and other details to help you picture out the situation further. Instead of thinking of just a bunch of items in a list, you can think of a whole scenario including all the details. Try to repeat the scenario several times in a day to complete your memorization exercise and you’ll slowly develop a good memory.

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