Jude Law in talks for “Anna Karenina”

Aaron Johnson and Jude Law are in talks to join Keira Knightley in Working Title’s “Anna Karenina,” which Joe Wright will direct.
Tom Stoppard penned the adaptation; Working Title’s Tim Bevan is producing. http://bit.ly/eNdKLu

How to Create Emmy-Worthy Presentations That Set You Apart from the Competition

Name the three best speakers you know.

Are *you* on your list? If not, are those other speakers better than you?

If you ask your clients to name the three best speakers they’ve had at their meetings, are you on *their* list?
Top speakers are continually looking for ways to be even better, to have more impact, and they have learned to look to show business performers for clues and techniques.

How do the skills of master performers translate to speakers? What do Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jerry Seinfeld do in their performances that you can apply to your presentations?

Bill Stainton has won numerous Emmy awards. He knows what comedy and TV stars do to stay on top, and he’s going to share that knowledge with us.

Virtually all of the speakers who are making serious money in the speaking business have one thing in common: they are amazing on the platform! Everything else springs from that: referrals, spin-offs, product sales — everything. If you want to make it — really make it — as a speaker, you have to be as good as, or better than, the best. Bill will share the secrets he’s learned from the people who have really made it in comedy and television, and translate those secrets directly to the world of speaking.

You will learn:

• How to structure your presentation for maximum engagement
• How to utilize predictable unpredictability to keep your audiences awake and interested
• A simple rule to help you plan your openings and closings
• How to use the secrets of comedy writers to make your speeches and stories come alive
• How to rehearse properly (most speakers don’t!) to set you apart from the competition

more information here … http://bit.ly/fukJ2z

Presentations: the single most powerful PowerPoint slide you can use

 PowerPoint problems run rampant in presentations, from busy, overdone slides that are impossible to read to poor usage where the speaker talks to the slide or blocks the screen. While there are lots of ways to improve slide quality and enhance PowerPoint usage, there is one little known, but powerful, strategy that can improve any PowerPoint presentation and put the focus more on the speaker, where it belongs. 

=> http://bit.ly/eRhWK3

Forget music lessons and sports clubs… reading in your teens is the key to a good career

Valuable lesson: Reading helps children develop socially and mentally, according to experts. (Posed by models)
Forget music lessons, sports clubs and trips to the theatre.
The only out-of-school activity that will really enhance a teenager’s career prospects is reading, research shows. => http://bit.ly/gEIhPN