Four Natural Parenting Tips to Help You Maintain Your Sanity

Are you into “natural parenting”? Do you parent according to the principles of “attachment parenting”? Regardless of your label of choice, deciding to embark on a non-mainstream parenting lifestyle means making yourself vulnerable to all of its one hundred and one challenges.

When you choose to use cloth diapers, co-workers will call you “strange.”

When your two-and-a-half year old son is still nursing, your dentist will refer to it as “bad.”

Forbid your child to eat candy, and your neighbor may accuse you of “taking away her childhood.”

When your four-year-old is still sleeping with you and your spouse, friends will tell you that “it’s going to ruin your marriage.”

I have not been a “natural parent” for very long; just a little under three years as I write this. But in that short space of time, I have learned some important lessons that I would like to pass on to anyone who feels at all overwhelmed by trying to do the natural parenting thing “right.”

With that in mind, here are four natural parenting tips that will help you to maintain your sanity.

Where’s Waldo?

Remember when you were a kid and you read Where’s Waldo books?

“Where’s Waldo? Where’s Waldo? Where’s Waldo ?!?” The fun of the books was not in the story line, but scanning the complex illustrations to find your friend in a red striped shirt hiding in the crowd.

During the process, your level of awareness skyrocketed. You noticed things that you would have never noticed at first glance. You noticed what color balloons the little girl was holding. And how many chickens the farmer was chasing after. And the funny pants worn by the flower delivery man. In fact, you noticed just about everything on the page. Your antenna was up, and you processed every nook and cranny of the page.
Think about what would happen if you brought that same Where’s Waldo level of awareness with you to work, and specifically to your own Creative Challenge.

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Thought for the day

In the confrontation between
the stream and the rock,
the stream always wins.

Not through strength,
but through perseverance.

H. Jackson Brown

When Networking Doesn’t Work, but Real Connections with People Do

Last week’s blog about networking events not working, got me thinking about the word ‘networking’ itself. I have often thought it a rather unfortunate choice of word for a people skill deemed so important in business. Whilst you may hear that ‘networking’ may help you to run your business successfully, this word really doesn’t convey the power of people and strong relationships in business.

Indeed ‘net-working’ can at times seem slightly contrived and manipulative especially when people only start to network because they desperately need new customers or a new job. Whilst stop-start networking activities also can also add to the feast and famine syndrome in business, networking itself may be unsuccessful when speed seems of the essence. Frequently people simply fail to grasp that good relationships just cannot be rushed!

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My New Years Resolutions

I want to be happy for no reason this year except that I am here and alive and I claim this moment as my own. It’s mine. Its got my name on it!

This year, I want to spend more time in nature, not on the path near my home, with its iPods, and cell phones and incessant chatter, but deep in a forest, where the earth recognizes my step, and the ground kisses my feet as I walk.

This year, I want to say no, more often, and not feel guilty, and say yes, more often, and not feel embarrassed.

I want to take the time to grieve fully this year, for those people that I have lost and mourn those things that I shall never have or be again.

I want to hear the sounds of creation and I can’t tell you what those sounds are, because I have never really heard them before. I ‘ve been too busy for that. But their music beckons to me in the stillness when I have finally given up my need to control.

I want to see, really see the sights of the universe and I can’t tell you what those sights are, because I have never really seen them before. I’ve had my eyes closed. But their vision haunts me in my dreams and gently calls forth to me in my waking hours.

I want to take the child in me out to play more this year and step in mud puddles, get my feet wet, eat cotton candy, build a snowman, talk to strangers, kiss furry dogs and chase mangy cats.

This year I want to eat my spaghetti with a fork and forget about the spoon and get my face really dirty.
I want to get to know my teddy bear more this year. After all, he is really the only one who has always been there for me, in my darkest hour, comforting me and whispering sweet messages into my heart, that were more accurate than any psychic ever could be.

I want to see the world with new eyes this year, as if I have never seen it before, like an alien on an unfamiliar planet, and not take anything for granted.

This year, I want to talk less and say more. I want to taste more and eat less.

I want to write more about those things that really matter to me, with passion, the things that I know in my gut, the things that stir up my soul, and not give a damn about keywords or tags or where I rank in Google.
I want to sit with a flower this year and watch it bloom, and know what it feels like to finally surrender to life, to succumb to a purpose bigger than my own.

I want to talk to the moon and bask in the sun and gaze at the stars for hours and hours.

I want to be much more silly this year, and care much less about what people think of me. I have forgotten just how much fun being silly can be.

I want to laugh, harder than I have ever laughed before. And cry less for all of the pain and suffering that I think I can’t fix, because I know that I can. Every time that I make the choice to be free, there is less suffering in the world, not a world with less pain, but less pain in the world.

I want to love more this year, not the sappy, greeting card kind of love they sell on Valentine’s day cards, but a love that surpasses all distance, time, space and differences.

This year, I want to make friends with those parts of me that I am afraid of and attempt to do those things that still scare me to death. Well, at least some of them.

I want to appreciate more and complain less, accept more and judge less, forgive more and blame less. I want to ultimately do nothing and allow everything.

This year I want to break open the windows of my life and knock down the doors, remove the shackles and stare down the illusion until it sets me free.

So you won’t find goals here or projects or timelines or objectives or plans or directions or bucket lists or targets.You’ll only find me.

Veronica Hay
Veronica Hay is the author of In a Dream, You Can Do Anything. An extraordinary collection of writings that will uplift you, motivate you, inspire you, and gently guide you along the inner path of your life.Go to: or feel free to email your comments about today’s message to:

Fly … like a Butterfly

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