Thought for the Day

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”
— Muhammad Ali

Prem Rawat / Maharaji – UNO address

In United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok.

Prem Rawat speaks with simplicity about our innate need for happiness. He inspires people around the world to look within themselves for a lasting source of peace and contentment.
“The peace we are looking for is within,” he says. “It is in the heart, waiting to be felt, and I can help you get in touch with it.” Prem Rawat’s message is more than just words. He offers individuals a practical way to enjoy peace, freedom and fullfillment within themselves. This experience of peace within is independent of lifestyle, philosophy or belief.

7 Secrets to Happiness

Without exception, this is the most realistic and effective
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[7 Secrets To Happiness]

I mean, have you actually noticed how many people
are just? stumbling through life in haze of
chronic UNhappiness?
We all know Bobby McFerrin’s song right? Don’t
worry, be happy.?Well sometimes it takes a lot
more than a cheery tune “to get there.
Now it could be you already think you’re pretty happy.

OK, great. But how goes it with meeting ANY goal you
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The cool thing is, while for her it was a business and
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For you it might be breaking a bad habit, making a bigger
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Natalie soon realized there was an essential process
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Think of it as kind of a “Law of Attraction meets
Fulfilling Your Goals” ?Championship.

[Here’s The Key To Meeting Your Goals Fast]

But there was one other huge benefit of Natalie’s
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And when she tested her program out on willing
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I think you might agree, this can only be a GOOD thing
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She’ll tell you how can do it too–right here…

[Natalie’s Way To Happiness]

Her program … just? makes sense.

And if you’re one of those people who poured over
the Secret,? but still feel something missing from
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All you have to do is follow the simple but powerful steps?
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Actually, to have a “double whammy” of benefit
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You feel happier and just better about life very quickly…
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What could be better than that?
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P.S. You may recognize Natalie Ledwell as part of the
astounding ?Mind Movies team. Those are the fantastic
movies you create to?power up your manifesting abilities.

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Eckhart Tolle — “A New Earth” Selection of Quotes

Quotes by EckhartTolle, author of “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth” . Music by David Benoit.

What is the greatest gift you’ll ever give…or receive?

It might surprise you, but just click here to find out in this unforgettable 3 minute movie.

“A sunset” – a beautiful poem by Victor Hugo

I love the evenings, passionless and fair, I love the evens,
Whether old manor-fronts their ray with golden fulgence leavens,
In numerous leafage bosomed close;
Whether the mist in reefs of fire extend its reaches sheer,
Or a hundred sunbeams splinter in an azure atmosphere
On cloudy archipelagos.

Oh, gaze ye on the firmament! a hundred clouds in motion,
Up-piled in the immense sublime beneath the winds’ commotion,
Their unimagined shapes accord:
Under their waves at intervals flame a pale levin through,
As if some giant of the air amid the vapors drew
A sudden elemental sword.

The sun at bay with splendid thrusts still keeps the sullen fold;
And momently at distance sets, as a cupola of gold,
The thatched roof of a cot a-glance;
Or on the blurred horizon joins his battle with the haze;
Or pools the blooming fields about with inter-isolate blaze,
Great moveless meres of radiance.

Then mark you how there hangs athwart the firmament’s swept track,
Yonder a mighty crocodile with vast irradiant back,
A triple row of pointed teeth?
Under its burnished belly slips a ray of eventide,
The flickerings of a hundred glowing clouds in tenebrous side
With scales of golden mail ensheathe.

Then mounts a palace, then the air vibrates–the vision flees.
Confounded to its base, the fearful cloudy edifice
Ruins immense in mounded wrack;
Afar the fragments strew the sky, and each envermeiled cone
Hangeth, peak downward, overhead, like mountains overthrown
When the earthquake heaves its hugy back.

These vapors, with their leaden, golden, iron, bronzèd glows,
Where the hurricane, the waterspout, thunder, and hell repose,
Muttering hoarse dreams of destined harms,-
‘Tis God who hangs their multitude amid the skiey deep,
As a warrior that suspendeth from the roof-tree of his keep
His dreadful and resounding arms!

All vanishes! The Sun, from topmost heaven precipitated,
Like a globe of iron which is tossed back fiery red
Into the furnace stirred to fume,
Shocking the cloudy surges, plashed from its impetuous ire,
Even to the zenith spattereth in a flecking scud of fire
The vaporous and inflamèd spaume.

O contemplate the heavens! Whenas the vein-drawn day dies pale,
In every season, every place, gaze through their every veil?
With love that has not speech for need!
Beneath their solemn beauty is a mystery infinite:
If winter hue them like a pall, or if the summer night
Fantasy them starre brede.

Sunset Video with Yoga Music & Wisdom Quotes from Lao Tzu and Rumi.

Sunset Video with Yoga Music & Wisdom Quotes from Lao Tzu and Rumi.

Thought for the Day

“Let us not bankrupt our todays by paying interest on the regrets of yesterday and by borrowing in advance the troubles of tomorrow.” – Ralph W. Sockman

How to lead

If you’ve ever been left in the dust when a co-worker’s leadership skills earned a nice, fat promotion, then an impressive new leadership course called “How to Lead” can turn the tables.

“How to Lead” is offered by Mind Tools and it is the best system for transforming yourself into an effective, well-balanced, respected and successful leader.

This course is unique because it lets you learn, at your own pace, what you need to do to become an exceptional leader in your industry. This includes an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

The course includes a workbook, “How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You”, along with five self-assessment worksheets and seven email-based e-classes. The workbook format is a 185-page downloadable Adobe PDF, which takes 5 minutes to download on a 56K modem.

The workbook is divided into the following eight modules:

* The Meaning of Leadership – teaches essential concepts that form the foundation of effective business leadership

* Get to Know Yourself – includes five insightful self-tests that assist you in knowing yourself so that you can become a balanced and successful leader;

* Get the Right Stuff – shows you how to counter weaknesses, build self-confidence, project a dynamic attitude and leverage your own leadership strengths

* Creating Winning Ideas – step-by-step instructions on how to road-map your clear and compelling vision of how the future should be, such that other people will enthusiastically adopt your vision

* The Power to Rouse – learn how inspire people with your vision, as well as how to motivate them to give their very best

* Getting Things Done – some excellent tips and tricks on how to implement your vision

* Develop Your Team – shows you how to develop your people into highly-motivated and exceptionally effective team players

* Get the Extra Edge – walks you though the transition from good leader to being a great one by demystifying risk taking, networking and cross-cultural leadership

Since the workbook includes a module on self-assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses, the course also includes five self-assessment sheets in MS Excel format.

If you’ve ever taken a pen-and-paper test as part of a business course, you know how tedious it can be to score such a test. You’re constantly flipping back and forth to check correct answers, marking things right or wrong, and then there’s the math you must do.

Fortunately, the authors of this course foresaw this, and created the self-assessment score sheets in MS Excel format. They download from the workbook in MS Excel format. Each sheet takes just under a minute on a 56K modem.

MS Excel automatically scores them and gives you the results. Students without MS Excel can complete the assessments on paper.

The seven email classes are broken up into one course per week for seven weeks. The classes function as guides for the workbook, and they provide coaching and motivation. You will find them quite thought-provoking.

Busy professionals will find the email courses a valuable source of reinforcement and a handy took with which to transform new ideas into good habits that will make a real, sustained difference in life.

For the money, this course is an exceptional value. In-person leadership courses run into the thousands of dollars, whereas this one costs only $47.

The best part is that you can try this course out at no risk, since it is offered with a “no questions asked” three-month, 100% money-back guarantee.

In summary, this course offers a complete leadership course in a user-friendly format at an excellent price. If you want to lead, “How to Lead” is a must-have.

“How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You” is published by Click [LINK]here[/LINK] to find out more.

Wayne Dyer/The Awakened Life — Part 2

Break free from your paralyzing routine and follow your bliss….uncover your inner desires and feelings to be your true self — the person you really want to be…..we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Part 2 of 3.