Everything Happens Between Your Ears Prior To Seeing It Before Your Eyes!

Think about it.

This presentation covers the number 1 motivation killer… and something very few people even realize exists in their minds…



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Activities for kids – Spot the difference

Play “Spot the difference” and talk about fruit and vegies

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Fast and Fresh Recipes for Wellbeing

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet – Fast and Fresh Recipes

introduction by Manny Noakes ; photography by Chris Chen and Alan Benson

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has already inspired thousands of Australians to lose weight and improve their overall health. This new collection of recipes based on the scientifically proven programme offers 120 new ideas for making mouth-watering meals in no time at all. =>http://bit.ly/Sl8Ypv

Get your correct dosage from the library

When you go to a doctor you probably expect to be sent to the pharmacy to fill a prescription for medicines to help your ailment.
You don’t expect to be sent to the library with a book list.
But that’s going to be happening in the Kimberley, as an innovative program called Bibliotherapy is implemented using books as part of a holistic approach to getting well


The benefits of retreating

Retreat or withdrawal brings the idea of weakness and defeat to mind. On the surface, it looks as if you are running away because you cannot handle a situation. But at times, you may have to make a planned retreat when faced with overwhelming odds to stage a comeback. A well-planned retreat is a prudent move with benefits that can help you on a personal and a professional level. Read on to find out what the benefits are.


From Pivotal Magazine – Get Great Sleep

Basic tips for healthy snoozing.

The quality of rest we achieve has a direct effect on our level of energy.

SLEEP IS an elemental part of life. The average human being sleeps 6 to 8 hours a night, almost 50 hours a week, and more than 2,600 hours a year—about 182,000 hours during one’s life. That means, on average, that we spend almost 21 years of our lives asleep. The duration of our sleep and the quality of rest we achieve has a direct effect on our level of energy and our effectiveness during our waking hours. Without concentrated and reinvigorating durations of sleep, the quality of the remainder of our life—work, relationships, and other activities—can suffer dramatically.

more => http://bit.ly/aznWpY