Friday freebie – “Ten Secrets to Keeping Audience Attention”

Have you grabbed a copy of my free report yet? …”Ten Secrets to Keeping Audience Attention”

… how to keep your audience focussed on you and your message and not on their iphones, laptops or neighbours
… 3 ways to design your presentation so that each person in the audience feels you care especially about them
… how to avoid the panic of realising you are losing your audience
and more!

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Set your goals and implement them

Is it time you returned to those New Years Resolutions and recommitted? This is a free pivot box of articles, ideas and quotations for you to get you back on the path of setting your goals and implementing them

Build public speaking confidence with your own warm-up routine

Don’t let nerves wreck your presentation.

All good speakers suffer from nervousness to some degree, but they are good, and not a quaking mess on stage, because they know what to do with the nerves – how to minimise their impact and how to channel then for success.

A warm-up routine can be built to give you public speaking confidence. This is the set of behaviours that will work best for you so that when you begin your presentation you feel confident.

Request this set of tips and build your own warm up routine. =>

Staying on top of the Paper Avalanche. – Have you grabbed this Pivot Box yet?

Are you having difficulty finding documents when you need them? Are the stacks of paper getting out of hand? Do you find yourself apologising for your untidy desk?

Then it’s time to get some ways to stay on top of your paper avalanche.

Too busy, you say, to even think about it? Let me reassure you that the time we save by not attending to it right now is being wasted in looking for that document, shifting stacks of paper to make room for more and in explaining or maybe justifying, why things got out of hand.

How to use an agenda for Meeting Success

Today’s package is a series of free tips on how to use an agenda for meeting success.

An agenda is a one of the vital tools to keeping a meeting on track and efficiently effective.

And the first tip in the series? …

The very first step on that agenda should be to reiterate the purpose of the meeting. This immediately focusses attention and makes it clear that the meeting is to be efficient. It also allows you to return to that statement of pupose to support any efforts to keep the meeting focussed.

You can get the tips sent to you in emails and know that you are will be on the way to having far more efficient, effective meetings. =>

From Pivotal Inspiration – Choose to Finish Strong

When faced with adversity, do you lie down or do you fight?

Do you make the most of each day?

What will your legacy be?

When adversity strikes, it’s not what happens that determines our destiny; it’s how we react.

You have to believe you can do something and then have the courage and determination to see it through. That’s what Finish Strong by Dan Green is all about. The book is filled with amazing stores about people from all walks of life who, in the face of adversity, against all odds…finished strong!

Finish Strong is more than a statement…it’s an attitude. Today, I’d like to share one of the stories from the book about Miles Levin, a teenager, who despite his terminal cancer chose to persevere and inspire thousands by making each day count.


Friday freebie

How will your audience respond to your speech or presentation?
What will they take away with them and remember?
What will they remember of you?

Why will they think “Wow what a fabulous presentation!”?

And how will you create the “fabulous presentation”?

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The characteristics and mindset of an effective chairman

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