Bec Kavanagh – Choosing Books for Your Classroom or Library

Bec Kavanagh has worked in the book industry for almost a decade, during which time she founded A Thousand Words Festival, a festival celebrating children’s books. Bec is a freelance writer and reviewer and speaks as a curriculum specialist for Booked Out Speakers Agency.

Choosing books is a tricky job. With limited budgets and time, how can you be sure that you’re choosing books that students will actually read?

Once upon a time genres were so broad that you could buy all the science fiction books in the world and yet still miss the mark with the type that kids are actually reading. But the last decade has seen a boom in more specific sub-genres, which are an ideal tool to use in the library. It is much easier to direct students to books you know they’ll like once you have identified the trends in their reading. Below are some genre guidelines to get you started. =>