How to use an agenda for Meeting Success

Today’s package is a series of free tips on how to use an agenda for meeting success.

An agenda is a one of the vital tools to keeping a meeting on track and efficiently effective.

And the first tip in the series? …

The very first step on that agenda should be to reiterate the purpose of the meeting. This immediately focusses attention and makes it clear that the meeting is to be efficient. It also allows you to return to that statement of pupose to support any efforts to keep the meeting focussed.

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Tuesday’s tip for meetings that work

Have you been to meetings that don’t work, have you been responsible for meetings that didn’t work, or maybe you just don’t want to go to, organise, or participate in any more meetings that don’t work.

There’s Value in having meetings that work

… Because

 They waste time you could be spending on something more

 They waste company funds

 They create frustration which is bad in itself, but also creates a bad image of your meetings and of you/your organisation

 Information and processes are not managed efficiently

So let’s find ways to stop wasting time and money and to avoid the frustration. Let’s make our meetings work – efficiently and effectively…. See you next “Tips Tuesday”

The characteristics and mindset of an effective chairman

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