A creative thirst for life in the wild

THERE’S only one thing Graeme Base really fears and that’s the thought that one day he might wake up from his dream life and have to get what he calls ”a proper job”. The confession comes with a chuckle. For someone who has published 13 books since 1983 and been involved in projects that range across theatre, television and music, he’s more like a workaholic than a man of leisure.

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Doug MacLeod on ‘The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher

Writing History

When you write a piece of historical fiction, even a comedy like The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher, you have to make a decision. Will you be absolutely faithful to the period or will you cheat a little here and there, in order to tell a better tale?

The Life of a Teenage Body-snatcher is fiction, but based on true events that occurred in England in 1828 …=> http://bit.ly/kKN8J8

Fading into a memory: Cursive becomes lost art with advancements in new technology

Teachers and educational administrators are deciding cursive is a less important part of the curriculum than learning to read and use 21st century digital tools to communicate, said Joanne Carney, associate professor of elementary education at Western. She said students must learn computer skills to communicate effectively. In one of Carney’s graduate courses on literacy, she discovered that her students felt the same way about how cursive is presently taught. “Cursive is taught for limited time periods in one or two grades,” Carney said. “Most students don’t practice it enough to develop good handwriting.” => http://bit.ly/lEKqzv

The learning (b)log

Learning logs were a core part of my classroom practice, having seen the effects they have on improving student performance in the bilingual schools of New Brunswick in my first year of teaching. A student there would write down what they had learnt and what they felt they’d have to learn tomorrow in order to achieve the goals of the project they had set out on. In paper format they were quite tricky to manage, and as students peer-assessed there would be paper flying all over the place.

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