Activities for kids – Spot the difference

Play “Spot the difference” and talk about fruit and vegies


Scrumblr – great free online tool for teachers

[From the Teaching Generation Now newsletter]

Scrumblr is a free online tool that allows you to create a virtual whiteboard. This whiteboard can be accessed from multiple computers and used as a collaborative space for education.
We like scrumblr because:
? it is free and extremely easy to use.
? no sign up is needed to create and collaborate on a scrumblr board
? only people with the URL link that you create can access the scrumblr.
? it has no ads.
? it provides the opportunity for students to be active in their learning, reflect, clarify, stay focussed and learn from one another.
? it lets participants be anonymous.


Understand metamorphosis with this tadpole puppet

Students make a paper tadpole puppet that turns into a frog and learn the meaning of the term metamorphosis. =>

America’s Most Popular Online Teacher

America’s most popular teacher doesn’t work at Harvard University or a fancy prep school. In fact, he doesn’t work in a school at all, but his lessons have been viewed more than 56 million times. Salman Khan, a former hedge fund manager, is the founder of Khan Academy, a free online learning platform with a library of more than 2,300 videos covering everything from basic algebra and differential equations to the Vietnam War. ->