Use the Solar System jigsaw to teach and learn about space

Solar system jigsawis an interactive resource to teach about the solar system.

The activity is divided into three levels: planet, moon and hardware. =>

Understand metamorphosis with this tadpole puppet

Students make a paper tadpole puppet that turns into a frog and learn the meaning of the term metamorphosis. =>

Animal adaptations

Here is a long list of websites with activities that encourage learning about adaptations developed by individual animals

Thirsty for Knowledge?

These interactives are designed to help you educate your students on water
processes, water cycles
and the importance ofconservation

Simply choose on a topic:

•    How is our water treated?

•    Our water sources

•    Water-efficient house

Soil science education

Interactive pages and information for students and for teachers about soil e.g. How much soil is there, and Filtering Qualities of Soils.   >>>>