Technology Integration:Hints and Helps

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Policies to Empower Learning

Rewrite, add, delete, repeat. This is the cycle of school policies on technology. Or at least it should be. Policies need to adapt to the changing times. For School administrators and technology directors/CIO’s adapting to changing times is an important component to a strong leadership for educational technology use (Nets-A) It is the time of year when many schools are updating policies for the upcoming school year. Technology Polices are particularly susceptible to change. Quite simply, new technology forces us to re-imagine classroom environment with the innovations added in.

Australian Children’s Television Foundation’s Learning Centre – resource for educators.

Television, film and multimedia have an important role in learning across curriculum areas and topics.

The ACTF has quality Australian resources to support educators in primary to tertiary and community roles.

There are free lesson ideas, learning resources and classroom activity sheets to help your students learn. ”

ACTF’s Learning Centre

K-12 online conference: Bridging the divide, 30 November

The K-12 online conference invites participation from educators around the world interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This free conference is run by volunteers and open to everyone.

Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning. A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies

” The meta-analysis found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”

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DOE Sees Increased Role for E-Learning

Online classes coupled with classroom instruction may be more effective than traditional face-to-face teaching alone, according to an analysis of 46 studies of student performance recently released by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE).

The results were most stark at the college level, but DOE officials are looking at how to apply the findings in K-12 classrooms, potentially emphasizing e-learning over teacher-led classes.

“A computer can do as well as a professor and [is] a heck of a lot cheaper and a heck of a lot more reliable,” says Marshall Smith, senior counselor to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. “At the post-secondary level this is a pretty powerful thing.” more » » »

Blended Learning – More Effective Teaching Methods

The term blended learning is a term used to describe an educational course in which a mixture of face to face student/teacher instruction and online instruction are used together for any given class. The most exciting part of this process is to decide how to transform the teaching and learning experience into one, so that the student’s creativity and thinking skills are enhanced to a higher degree.

Blended Learning Describes a Wide Variety of Teaching Approaches

The term Blended Learning has been used to describe a wide variety of approaches. The term blended learning is also be used to describe arrangements in which conventional, offline and non-electronic based instruction happens to include online tutoring and/or mentoring services. One such course that would be enhanced with blended learning would be a science experiment, where students access their instruction on a computer, and then walk over to a lab table to conduct and experiment.

E-Learning and Traditional School

In most cases blended learning, e-learning is used in a traditional brick and mortal school, to help enhance the student’s educational experience and to make the teaching of courses more efficient.

Why Dabble In Blended Learning?

It’s about getting students to learn. It’s also about saving on cost of textbooks. After decades of teaching students using textbooks, current students are accustomed to reading off a computer screen. Ink on paper is boring to them. They need interaction, instant gratification, multiple actions and movement. Blending face-to-face instruction with a computer screen gets today’s student to learn.

There are more significant reasons: At risk students and exceptional students tend to excel with computer instruction. Rather than being lost among a group of 24 students in a classroom, an at-risk student will often surprisingly excel when offered computer instruction. With a system that offers tracking, a teacher can track progress of each student and pinpoint students who need special assistance in certain areas.

Exceptional students enjoy computerized instruction because they can proceed at their own pace and are not “tied down” by students in a classroom who need extra help.

How to Get Started in Blended Learning

The smartest first step in blending classroom instruction with technology is to use a Learning Management System. There are several different learning management systems on the market. offers a list of Learning management systems along with a breakdown of each system’s features and cost. Some cater to businesses that wish to train their employees. Others, such as Blackboard, are used in the college market.

Susan Bond is a part of IQity – a comprehensive, online educational system that includes IQity Reactor, a learning object repository that allows educators to create and share custom curriculum, organized by state educational standards. Reactor is integrated with a learning management system that allows traditional bricks-and-mortar schools to create an environment that enables students to learn whenever, wherever, and however is most effective for them.

Web 2.0, a wiki and teaching English

From the Bight Ideas Blog …

Whitefriars College teacher librarian Tania Sheko has been busy! She has also created a wiki for the English class she has been working with.

Tania explains how the wiki came about:

The English wiki was created to support a particular English class but with a view to sharing resources with all English teachers. It’s in its very early stages, and will continue to evolve with time, according to the needs of the English class.   >>>