Learn from 12 of Australia’s finest coaches

Tap into the SPORTS WISDOM of 12 of Australia’s finest coaches as they reveal their personal stories and success philosophies. 

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Raising the Bar: The Role of ‘Social Information’ in Charitable Giving

Suppose you work at an organization — like a public radio station or library — that offers a free service of value to society, such as quality radio programming or the ability to borrow books at no cost. And suppose you decide to launch a fund-raising drive to help cover your organization’s operating expenses. How would you structure that drive? Are there steps you could take — besides offering gifts or other incentives — to increase the amount of money that individual donors commit? => http://bit.ly/ghHujH

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From Pivotal Magazine – Improve Your Website’s Reputation

If you’re ignoring your link popularity–the number and quality of other sites that link to yours–your search engine rankings will suffer. Find out what makes good links and how to get them. => http://bit.ly/bz2D2o

Keep Your Marketing Simple and More Effective With This 6-Step Model

Whether you are a professional in a solo-practice or own a small business, chances are you feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. While you may be an expert in your field, consistently attracting new clients probably isn’t one of your strengths.

Here is just a short list of “marketing culprits” that are likely keeping your business from reaching its full potential:

Unclear Target Market. It absolutely makes my marketing blood boil when I hear “our service can help everyone”. How on Earth do you find everyone?
Confusing, Self-Centered Marketing Message. Since the early 1900 marketing geniuses like Claude Hopkins have been telling us that shouting “we are the best, come buy from us” doesn’t work – no matter how loud you scream! Amazingly, over 90% of all marketing materials out there are doing exactly that!
‘Hop-And-Drop’ Approach. Any worthwhile skill takes practice. Yet most small business owners abandon each marketing tactic after just one try, without giving themselves a chance to get good at it. It’s like a running rabbit – switching direction with every hop!
On and off approach. Spending a lot of time and effort on marketing when the business is slow, but then giving up on almost all promotional activities when business gains momentum!
Not Preaching To The Choir. Most businesses make the mistake of chasing new markets all the time instead of maximizing profits using their existing database of current and prospective clients.

If you can put a “yes, guilty as charged” checkmark next to any of those statements, chances are you are not profiting from your business as much as you could. To help unleash the extra profits currently hidden in your business or practice here is a simple Five Step Marketing Model.

How to Create an Extraordinarily Effective Speech-Marketing Tool

… Your Own Self-Selling Book or Booklet
with Gordon Burgett

To regularly earn many thousands of dollars from speeches or seminars, invest a few hundred dollars now — once — and create a surefire selling tool that you can send to every booker in your universe. Build a book or booklet from something you uniquely know — solve a gnarly problem, retool a case study, explain a process that works — so the booker sees your brilliance, wit, and special insight and can hire you for a related presentation you want to give!
Best yet, you needn’t pay a penny to publish your gem in either bound or digital format, and it can be yours in minutes or days. It can also be an income source forever!
Gordon will explain the step-by-step process in this teleseminar and accompanying workbook. He will also include two digital examples (of a dozen such tools he has successfully used in the past 25 years) that you can download to get started.
You will learn:
• how to strategize your speech-marketing campaign, and what singular tool will distinguish you from others seeking that booking
• the contact letter, flyer, and “kit” components you will have digitally accessible to accompany your new speech-marketing book or booklet
• what the new tool must do to positively persuade the programmer that you are the person to pick, and to whom it should be sent for maximum effectiveness
• where you can send the tool to get it published free and fast, looking the way you want, both bound and digitally downloadable!
• how you can later (or simultaneously) re-publish that core book or booklet in-house as often as you wish without rights problems or ISBN issues

=> http://bit.ly/cvgqwx

Use Speaking to Get More Clients

Speaking and making presentations that form memorable experiences, entertain and convey a high impact message can be a very profitable way to grow your business. In fact, public speaking is very comfortable for most lawyers. Like opera singers, many of us love to hear the sound of our voice. Whether it’s summing up to a jury or arguing a case before the Supreme Court, many lawyers are born speakers. Not only will speaking demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, but it will also allow you to develop an emotional bond with your audience. Speaking offers prestige, credibility, visibility, and can be a lot of fun.

Listen to Steve Markman tell you how to do it…Download steve_markman.mp3