Networking – Wing it and you’ll flap in the breeze

It is the inevitable topic of conversation at a networking event: Tell me about your job.

When I explain my life’s work — teaching leaders to achieve their dreams through powerful public speaking — my conversation partner often shrugs and says, “Oh, I could never deliver a speech. I get too nervous.”

My response: “What do you think you are doing right now?”

Make no mistake, when you network, you are delivering a series of minipresentations. If you don’t know how to put your best foot forward in these business-critical situations, you can forget about building your business or advancing your career.

Master networkers realize that attitude and preparation are vital ingredients for success. How do these pros set themselves up as winners in the networking arena? Let’s examine a dynamic dozen techniques:  

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When Networking Doesn’t Work, but Real Connections with People Do

Last week’s blog about networking events not working, got me thinking about the word ‘networking’ itself. I have often thought it a rather unfortunate choice of word for a people skill deemed so important in business. Whilst you may hear that ‘networking’ may help you to run your business successfully, this word really doesn’t convey the power of people and strong relationships in business.

Indeed ‘net-working’ can at times seem slightly contrived and manipulative especially when people only start to network because they desperately need new customers or a new job. Whilst stop-start networking activities also can also add to the feast and famine syndrome in business, networking itself may be unsuccessful when speed seems of the essence. Frequently people simply fail to grasp that good relationships just cannot be rushed!

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